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French Tech Visa, the asset to attract Tech Talents in France

Towards a shortage of Tech Talents in Europe

Although the number of software developers in Europe continues to grow, Europe currently has more than one million job vacancies in the technology sector.

In 2018, 200,000 new software developers joined the forces for a total of 5.7 million. Despite this, it currently lacks a million software engineers and the situation is about to get worse. According to Korn Ferry, in 10 years, there will be a deficit of at least one million technological profiles ... per European country!

Recruiting Tech candidates is therefore becoming a priority for all companies.


French Tech Visa, a revisited Passport Talent

Created by the government nearly two years ago in a limited economic sector, the "French Tech Visa" is a procedure that simplifies and speeds up the administrative formalities for obtaining a residence permit for foreign workers recruited by innovative French companies.

The advantages of the French Tech Visa:

-          It is valid for four years, renewable;

-          It is extended to members of the immediate family: the spouses also receive a residence permit authorizing them to live and work in France. Dependent children are also allowed to live in France;

-          No additional work permit is required;

If the first eligibility criteria were too restrictive, the government has corrected it by softening the rules.

A company wishing to hire a foreign employee via the French Tech Visa must meet one of the following criteria:

-          To have received public funding for innovation in the last 5 years;

-          To have part of its capital held by an entity whose main purpose is financing or investment in innovative companies;

-          To have been accompanied during the last five years by a support structure dedicated to innovative companies (incubator / accelerator);

Companies will then be able to apply online for a "French Tech Visa" provided that the position of the future employee is related to the R & D project of the company or its economic, social, international or environmental development. The amount of the remuneration must also be greater than twice the minimum wage, meaning 36,509.28 euros per year.


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(MMC, 12 of April 2019)

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